Laze (aka Big Daddy Makin' Beats, aka Supa Laze von Bushwicken, aka Albert Nay-ler, aka Nahmean Bashawn aka Flippy McFunkinitup) sat down with a friend, a couple of cassette decks, and a cheap mic to make a really terrible song at age 14 in 1990. There is at least one person besides Laze that can still recite the lyrics to that song.

In the years following, there were a bunch of albums, mixes, and loose tracks that a dedicated few heard and dug. 

These days, Laze makes beats when he has spare moments and dreams of getting back on the rust-covered mic. 

Laze Makes Things is a collection of new stuff, reminiscences about old material, and bits & pieces of things that may never turn into anything. It's about music for music's sake. Dig.